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KEYNOTE - Creativity and the Weaving of Fate

Spider shows up throughout myth and in all cases the myths are similar - Spider is the weaver of stories, dreams, illusions, fate. Spider is often seen as linking past to future.

Spider is strongly linked to the number 8. It's 2 section body gives the appearance of 8, and it has 8 legs

Spider teaches to maintain balance - between past and future - physical and spiritual - life and death. Spider teaches that what you do now, thoughts, actions, emotions, serve to weave your future - if Spider shows up, it may indicate it is time to access your deepest wisdom about this teaching and make it a part of your daily life

Spider weaves a web of subtle and intricate pattern - what has gone before in the weaving determines what happens next in the weaving. Spider, in the center of his web can serve as a reminder that we are the center of our own world - our world is woven by us, around us - we are the keepers and writers of our own destiny - weaving it like a web by our thoughts, feelings and actions - it may be time to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities this presents - and make a choice - your choice today creates your tomorrow

Spider is guardian of all ancient languages and alphabets. Many attribute the very first letters to the patterns and angles formed by a spider's web- spider is considered to be the teacher of languages and the magic of writing - it may be time to write creatively - without the constraints of form, tradition or habit

Spiders are usually found in dark, inaccessible places - this can teach to not be afraid to use your creative energies in seemingly inaccessible places or in what may seem to be the dark - when the light hits it it will shine as a masterpiece - just as a spider's web does in the morning light

In all cases the type of lessons being offered will be determined by the type of spider involved

For Example: The Brown Recluse Spider:

A very common spider that lives in houses on the floor and behind furniture it hides in clothing and it is from there that most bites occur - its bite is toxic - the area of the bite itself may not even be noticed but the poison is inside and causing an internal wound that grows inward and may not heal for months

When the brown recluse shows up it is often time to closely examine your close personal relationships - there may be hidden hurts - an initial bite, hurt or betrayal may go unnoticed but emotional hurts or wounds caused will grow deeper over time until they are recognized and treated

Also - the bites occur because the spider is in clothing - take a look at those closest to you - if you - or your life - is being wounded or poisoned by those closest to you - you may be sharing things that could come back and bite you - learn to be a bit more private and reclusive


You've had recent negative experiences and you want to integrate them and learn the teachings from them as quickly as possible

You are not happy with the way your life currently is and want to make major changes, but feel "stuck" because of your fears and beliefs in your limitations

You feel out of balance in any way, and want to regain that sense of equilibrium

You are doing, will be doing, or want to do, any type of creative writing


You tend to have only twos speeds: staying almost completely still, or moving ligtening fast.

It takes alot to get you angry, but when it happens, your sting can hurt alot

You are in touch with and express a powerful feminine creative force, whether you are male or female

You have a talent for writing, and can weave words in creative ways that can often affect others in deep ways with their magic